We've prebuilt powerful business and manufacturing tools that we modify to match your production flow.

Diligence - ERP System

Small to Medium Business 

A powerhouse of tools for small businesses wrapped into a single desktop app used by staff members. This app can be connected to payment processing systems. We've developed this tool to manage expenses, sales, reports, projects, tasks, time tracking and more all with the ability to communicate with team members.

CRM - Sales

Project Management

Time Tracking

Request Ticketing System

Payroll Tracking

Task Management


Financial Tracking with Expenses

Password Tracker

Event Planner


File Management System

Launch Suite

Small to Enterprise Businesses

A go to desktop software for staff of difference access levels to find all the tools and software needed to do day-to-day operations in an organizable, searchable design.

Scheduled Training & Tracking

Businesses that Require Training Compliance

A web based softwrae to meet ISO standards and keep each staff member up-to-date on their scheduled trainings.

Form Streamlining and Digitizing

We take your forms and make them digital so that they can be stored in a database where reports can be created. This allows your leadership to make informed decision and removes human error from handwritten documents. We have prebuilt templates to make the development process quick.